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Since 1970, We are your Nationwide custom builders of barns & buildings.

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Barns and Building's Most Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you build the complete barn or custom home?

    Yes. Barns and Buildings supplies and builds your barn from START TO FINISH. Save time and money by going with one builder to help you with ALL-PHASES of your project. Custom built by our team, not a kit dropped off on your land.
  2. Do you make or deliver barn kits too?

    NO. We do not supply barn kits or build from any kits. We are your Contractor and Supplier; there are no kits to buy or other contractors to find, we do not prefabricate anything. We build the barn on site and all our craftsman are thoroughly trained in all aspects of the building process including plumbing and electrical work.
  3. Do I need to have an architect design my barn before contacting you?

    No. But if you would like to bring us blueprints already drawn up from an architect, we will be happy to go over the plan with you and make any modifications that may be necessary to turn your plans into a barn style building or custom home. We involve you in the entire design of the home while giving you the option to design your own floor plan. All of our barns are built with a custom layout of the client's design. If you can send us a picture of something similar or just have a sketch on a napkin, we would be happy to turn it into a formal floor plan and get you a quote.
  4. Do you travel to other states?

    Yes. We travel anywhere nationwide for building projects depending on the type of project & time frame requested. We've completed projects as far as New York state.
  5. What if I want to change my design during building?

    We understand that sometimes as the building process begins, unforeseen modifications or changes to the plan may need to be made or you'd like to alter the original design. We do our best to accomodate any design changes as long as we are not too far into the project and it would not put a delay in our build schedule.
  6. What are the styles of barns and barn sizes you build? What are the styles of custom barn homes that you build?

    Our barn styles are: The Western, The Dutch, The Gable, Shed Row and Post and Beam. Sizes include 36x36, 36x48, 36x60 and 36x72. Visit our Barn with Cost page for more info detailing barn costs estimates.

    Our custom barn homes come in 3 different styles: Gambrel, Gable, and Western.
  7. What is an estimate of the cost to build one of your custom barn homes?

    We can not give basic prices for our barn homes because they are custom homes and with each style is a different cost. Barns and Buildings customize size and detail, and we can build any structure, any size, with any finishes. To have a rough idea of cost our barn homes start at $138/sqft, $55/sqft for barns, and $45/sqft for a shell. There is additional charges per sqft for lean-to's, lofts, vaulted areas, electric, plumbing or additional concrete that can add an additional $95-$98 a sq ft, that includes the full insulated shell plus electric, plumbing, HVAC, 40 year metal roofing, rustic wood flooring, our signature poplar T&G interior finish with your custom floor plan.

    IF YOU ARE READY TO BUILD WITHIN 6 MONTHS, please let us know and we'll get you a customized quote and a time frame to get on our build schedule. Quotes may take up to a week to send out and have an expiration date.
  8. What materials do you use? What's included in your quote?

    Our barn homes have everything listed below plus plumbing, electric, HVAC, and insulation with interior finish:

    • Designate the location of the barn with the owner.
    • Equipment, Tools, Labor and Materials. (No hidden cost)
    • Grading of building pad.
    • Complete Post & lumber package delivered to site.
    • Erecting/Building barn structure on site.
    • Concrete delivered, poured and finished.
    • Metal, Hardie Plank, Cypress, Cedar, or poplar Wood Siding & Trim. L & G or Channel Rustic style. (Bat on Board style and Lap are other siding style options)
    • Cedar or Poplar Trim in 1x8, 1x6 and 1x4.
    • 40 year metal roofing system.
    • (2) 12ft Lean-to's
    • Cupolas
    • Custom built Split wood Slider doors, Dutch doors & Dutch windows.
    • 2x6 Pine T&G for garage and barn space, poplar in all living areas.
    • Windows and doors are Low e and insulated.(DP50)
    • Clean building area of debris.
    • Permit by Others.
    • All of our lumber is Kiln dried # 2 or better and Poles are ACQ treated.


  1. What types of siding can be used?
    Cedar, pine, redwood, hardie plank, poplar, metal, texas cedar, and any other wood you can think of. (can be additional cost depending on type of siding) All of our lumber is Kiln dried # 2 or better and Poles are ACQ treated.
  2. What type of payment is accepted?

    We accept checks and cash. We do not finance but will accept financing from an outside institution (banks, credit unions, etc). We will work with any finance company to ensure you get the rate you deserve and can include everything in your construction loan. Please call 281-546-1132 or email us to get more information on financing and preferred lenders.
    Draws are 5 payments throughout the course of building the structure.
  3. What type of construction do you do?

    We can build residential, commercial, or agricultural while building in our Post and Frame, Post and Beam, or pier and beam foundation. It is your choice (some additional cost applies depending on construction type).
  4. What exactly are the advantages of a Pole Barn?
    We build true pole barns and barn homes! Pole barn homes are one of the oldest types of construction there is.

    - The oldest known structure in the US is actually a GAMBREL POLE BARN, over time these structures have proven their longevity and sustain in every type of climate.
    - Being we use TRUE 6x6 marine grade wooden poles, the same you would use in a piling home, all our exterior walls are 8.5” thick. Giving your home even more of an insulation factor.
    - Time conscious. Depending on the design, pole barns are faster to build and safer construction.
    - Greater strength due to transfer of force into the ground. All the load of the structure is on the poles, the trusses, and the box beams.
    - Endless design possibilities and can be custom made to suit specific needs. With the load not dependent on the weight-bearing walls, there are more wide open spaces and greater flexibility. The interior design options are endless and it's easier and more cost-efficient to make modifications to accommodate a homeowner or farmer's needs.
    - Upfront cost can be easily calculated because the surface area determines the quantity of materials you need.
  5. Do you have an office I can visit or a show barn?

    We typically travel to meet clients for meetings and to view the property site. You can visit existing barns or our own show barn home in Santa Fe, Texas. All you need to do is contact us to schedule a tour.

Our owners have been building barns and barn homes since the 70's and operate under Buildings by All-Phase LLC. DBA Barns and Buildings.

If you have a question that has not been answered, please feel free to contact us directly 281-546-1132 or email us.


We are writing to tell you a little about our experience with Joe Slivinski and Buildings by All-Phase. They built our 60x60 barn with nearly 3000 square feet of living quarters earlier this year and we were so pleased with the entire process. Joe and his crew began the day after Christmas and we moved into our barn the end of March. He apologized that it took so long but we still cannot believe we live in this fabulous barn/custom home already! No building project is without it's challenges but what makes the difference is what happens when you hit that point. Joe's answer was always, "Whatever makes you happy." We were so pleasantly surprised by their attention to detail, creativity and commitment to doing things right. If something wasn't just right, Joe was the first to notice and quick to make it right. We have lived here for three months now and have found our home to be functional, well-built and ultimately comfortable. Not often do you feel like you got more than you paid for and seldom do you find a builder you would hire again. We have made Joe promise he won't retire until he builds our house! The only problem is if we build our house we will have to leave our barn. But, our children are already drawing straw for who gets to move in if we move out! Without hesitation we would wholeheartedly recommend Barns and Buildings for your custom barn or barndominium. Sincerely, Chet and Kayleen Nelson Fulshear, Texas

Chet and Kayleen Nelson
Barns and Buildings Customer