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The #1 factor in determining the final outcome of a project is communication.

Barns and Buildings specialize in building custom barns, equestrian centers, barn homes, farm houses, wedding venues and riding arenas nationwide. While building a quality product we also ensure you will be completely satisfied with your building experience, we do not drop a kit off on your land and leave you to find a contractor or even your own NAILS. We do the job from START TO FINISH; we are your builder and supplier, saving you time and money by going with one company to help you with all phases of your project. Once you decide to go with Barns and Buildings you will have a guarantee that everything will be taken care of and all you have to do is sit back, relax and watch your project come to life.

We are a design to build company, that means there are no set of plans for you to choose from. We custom design your home based on the information you provide and work with you on every detail so no 2 projects are ever the same. Just get a rough floorplan layout, a few pintrest pictures of your dream home and a list similar to one you would give a realtor and we do the rest! It is all included in our services so feel free to really design your DREAM HOME! 

From building barns all over the U.S. in 1970's to the current jobs of today, we have over 40 years experience building a custom, quality product that is truely unique and traditional.  

We take pride in our work and strive for a project that you will be proud of.


Built by our family for your family to enjoy.

Barns and Buildings is a family owned and operated company that has been #1 in building custom barns and barn homes for over 40 years. It all started with Joe, the father of 4 started building barns in Oregon back in the 70's and when his sons were old enough to hold a hammer he put them to work and they have worked on every project since. 

We love what we do and take pride in every structure we build! Having maintained relationships with our customers, we are able to personally take you to barns we have built in the past so you can chat with others about what it is like to build with Barns and Buildings. 

There is one thing you can be sure of when you build with Barns and Buildings is that one of our owners will be on every job we do to ensure your barn is built to our standards, the same standards that has kept us in buisness all these years.  

  • Barns and Buildings is a Nationwide company. 
  • Every barn we build is a custom design, so no barn is exactly the same.
  • We stand behind every barn we build, we guarantee it.
  • After building every type and size of barn in the last 40 years, we look forward to the challange of new designs and styles.

Let us help your dream become a reality.

Please feel free to call or email us any time.

Joe building barns in the 70's

Our newest addition!

Joe and Steve 

Our amazing crew!

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A big thank you to my awesome barn builders who built such a sturdy barn that it is holding up perfectly in this hurricane. In fact when I was in there a little while ago you couldn't even really tell there was anything going outside while your inside the barn! - Lisa Hall

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At Barns and Buildings, We Are the builders and will not leave until the barn is 100% complete...that is our promise; that is our guarantee.

We look forward to building your dreams so in that there is no hidden cost. We quote everything from start to finish. All draws for funds are in 4 to 7 payments thoughout the course of construction.

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All of our lumber is kiln dried #2 or better and poles are ACQ treated.

B&B advises using local electricians, plumbers and HVAC contractors, but we install the floor drain and stub out for the washroom. All contractors can be added after or during the construction process.

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